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My God said this was mine!


The first thing every explorer from Europe who arrived in what is now called North and South America and the islands of the Caribbean did was claim that land for their god, king, queen and country.  This discovery of the "New World" usually occurred while the indigenous people who already lived on that land watched, not realizing that someone was claiming their land right in front of their eyes.  The nations of indigenous people that had occupied the lands of the Americas for thousands of years prior to thier "discoverey", did not understand that these strangers now claimed that they owned the land because they had found it.  To understand why the "Discovers" of America believed they had they right to claim the New World they had found, you must look at European history during the 11th century.




The Decrees (2)

The countries of Europe had an agreement on 

 the "Discover"of new Lands authorized by

God's voice on earth the

 Roman Catholic Pope.

                                                              (TDOG)                                                                                      (DOD Image)

What seems even more appalling for contemporary minds is that the subjugation of the native peoples of the New World was legally sanctioned. "Laws" of "discovery", "conquest" and "terra nullius" made up the "doctrines of dispossession", according to Erica Irene Daes, chairperson/rapporteur of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations, in a study on indigenous peoples and their relationship to land. (cite missing)

Specifically, in the fifteenth century, two Papal Bulls set the stage for European domination of the New World and Africa. Romanus Pontifex, issued by Pope Nicholas V to King Alfonso V of Portugal in 1452, declared war against all non-Christians throughout the world, and specifically sanctioned and promoted the conquest, colonization, and exploitation of non-Christian nations and their territories. Inter Caetera, issued by Pope Alexander VI in 1493 to the King and Queen of Spain following the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the island he called Hispaniola, officially established Christian dominion over the New World. It called for the subjugation of the native inhabitants and their territories, and divided all newly discovered or yet-to-be discovered lands into two - giving Spain rights of conquest and dominion over one side of the globe and Portugal over the other. The subsequent Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) re-divided the globe with the result that most Brazilians today speak Portuguese rather than Spanish, as in the rest of Latin America. The Papal Bulls have never been revoked, although indigenous representatives have asked the Vatican to consider doing so. (cite missing)

These "doctrines of discovery" provided the basis for both the "law of nations" and subsequent international law. Thus, they allowed Christian nations to claim "unoccupied lands" (terra nullius), or lands belonging to "heathens" or "pagans". In many parts of the world, these concepts later gave rise to the situation of many Native peoples in the today - dependent nations or wards of the State, whose ownership of their land could be revoked - or "extinguished" -- at any time by the Government. (Cite needed?)


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Christopher Columbus - Trailer  Brando


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