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Voting is a principal where groups in various setting make a decision in order to express ones opinion.  It can be in an informal setting such as where to go to lunch or in a formal setting such as deciding who to vote for President.    In American politics ones vote is often for some kind of election of a representative of some kind and in some states ; president, mayor,

According to Samuel P. Huntington the American creed is defined as “liberty, equality, individualism and democracy” (14).  Voting is essential to liberty, equality, individualism and democracy.  Liberty is the freedom from a subjective control of an oppressive government.    The right to vote is often not present in most oppressive governments.  Democracy uses the act of voting in the best one and is fundamental in order to work. In a democratic society ones vote is used to show ones liberty, ones equality and ones individualism. 

Huntington, Samuel P. American Politics: The Promise of Disharmony.  Cambridge, Massachusetts and London England:  The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1981


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