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The Peace Symbol

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Peace: The Symbol of a Nation 



         This topic is important to a study of America because of discussions not only of American culture and how the United States, as a nation, transforms things from high culture to mass culture and ultimately to pop culture but also to demonstrate the use of symbols as part of a national identity. The peace symbol has come to represent a generation of war protests, a generation of hippies and an overall identity of peace that Americans tend to identify with. It is also a symbol that reminds the country that history repeats itself. It did not disappear after the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament or even after Vietnam. It has been a sign of endurance and resilience and continues to do so as the United States enters more current wars and times of national unrest.


The Creation of a Symbol 


Variations of the Symbol 


The Peace Symbol in America 


The Peace Symbol and Hippie Culture


The Peace Symbol and Music


The Peace Symbol and Current American Culture

The Peace Symbol Works Cited  









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