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Mc Donalds

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  Mc Donald's and American Culture      Mc Donalds and the Consumer     Attack of the Happy Meal       Mc Business       MC World 

 Mc Donalds Works Cited 


Is America a fast food society? Have American’s come to believe that less is more and

that quantity over quality is more important? Many feel that America has become a nation and

society of instant gratification. A “buy now, pay later” mentality has began to filter into every

aspect of American lives. Generations before saving for the future and saving to purchase was

the mindset most American’s held too yet, in 2010, those ideas are very different. The recent

housing and credit card crisis, in the United States, is evident of the generational mindset

change.  Mc Donalds, is believed, to be one of the largest contributors to our “fast food” and

“quantity is more” society and Mc Donalds reach has even had its hand in change the face of

many restaurant and business practices in American culture, as well. Mc Donalds and American

culture can even be felt worldwide; Mc Donalds reach far extends the United State’s borders.

Mc Donald’s is one the most influential developments in American culture affecting our way of

life, economical structure, social structure, American business, industries, and practices.  

Mc Donalds is also spreading American culture far beyond the Untied State’s borders.




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